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Aunt Peaches: Pentel Watercolor Doodles

Watercolor doodling is an abstract art trend that is catching on with creative people of all ages and skill sets. Not only are the results beautiful to look at, the process is cathartic and approachable to novices, as well as creative experts. You can display your work in a formal setting like a frame, or cut them up for other projects to share with friends and family.

ten tags

Let’s get started!


watercolor paint

Use light washes of watercolor paint to create light washes of color across a piece of watercolor paper or cardstock and allow it to dry thoroughly.

watercolor 6

When the paper is dry, take a moment to look closely and study the patterns in the paint, then use your pen to follow the lines closely. Where one shade meets another, draw a line, doodling your way across the page. For fun, try holding the pen with your non-dominant hand, or see how long you can draw without lifting your pen from the paper. As time goes on, you will start to see patterns and shapes appear like watching clouds in the sky.

close up pen

You will find that an extra fine tip pen with lots of glide will give you the best results – the Pentel Slicci is an ideal choice.


When you are done with the lines, you may choose to go back and add some white (or metallic?!) accents. It’s up to you! You may decide that you want to break up your piece to share it with others. How about gift tags?

trim corners

Start by slicing your painting into long rectangles, then trimming off the corners.

hole punch

Now punch one hole and add ribbon.

tags in a row

The white and light colored spaces leave plenty of room to write the recipients name or a note. Handmade touches like this are what will make your gifts extra special. But, there is nothing wrong with keeping your work all to yourself!


Have fun and be sure to share with others!

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