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Aunt Peaches: Thankful Tree

This Thankful Tree is a colorful centerpiece you can make ahead of time or Thanksgiving day. Kids can write down things they are thankful for each day and add them to the tree in advance, or, on Turkey Thursday while the food is cooking, everyone in attendance writes down something they are thankful for, then clips it to the tree.


This is what Thanksgiving is all about! And it’s easy to do with some autumnal leaves, construction paper, and of course, a great pen.



  • Pentel Energel Pens
  • Colorful construction paper
  • A vase with some branches
  • Small clothespins (paperclips will also work fine)


Use your pen to trace around the rim of a leaf onto a small stack of construction paper, then trim with scissors. Big kids may find it easy to cut 3 to 5 pieces of paper at the same time, while little kids may want to use this time to practice cutting skills.


When you have ample leaves, place them in a nice container at the base of the vase, along with a supply of pens and clothespins.
Now it’s easy to write down something to be thankful for and hang it on the tree.


Yes, Jake. Good sandwiches are something to thankful for!


Keep it as a centerpiece on your table, or nestled in on a sideboard or buffet. Be prepared for people to stop and gawk and want to read every single leaf. It keeps the holiday in perspective, and helps people remember what they are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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