11/21/2015 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Guest Post


Aunt Peaches: Metallic Ink Leaves

One of the easiest ways to push your creativity is to look for new canvases. Ditch the paper and pick up something from nature! How about leaves? Foliage can be found year-round, especially this time of year when the leaves are red and russet brown – a perfect counterpart to gold metallic ink!


Use these leaves to scatter across a table, or to simply enjoy all on their own. Frame them, display them, string them up like garland…the possibilities are endless and the process could not be any easier!





Create patterns on the surface of the leaves. Stripes. Dots. Letters. Words. Or just follow the patterns of the leaves and see what emerges!


You will find that some leaves will absorb the ink slightly while others will allow it to sit on the surface, so be careful to not smudge the ink before it has a chance to dry.



Drawing on leaves will brighten up your winter while giving you fresh holiday decor. Have fun!


aunt peaches flower hatAbout the Author Peaches is the artist and author behind Aunt Peaches, dubbed “the Citizen Kane of craft blogs” by the Huffington Post. Always on the lookout for clever ideas, Peaches shares creative and inexpensive how-to projects for those who love where they live. Follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

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