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Artwork Holiday Ornaments with Kids

Memorializing children’s artwork as a Christmas ornament is tricky when you use paper as it just doesn’t keep well from year to year. Instead, create ornaments using shrink film (think: DIY shrinky dinks) and turn their art work into durable, hangable art.


step 1

step 1.5

Step 1: Draw

For our ornaments, I traced my son’s hand and then let him doodle all over it.  Keep in mind that your finished ornament will be about two thirds smaller once it has shrunk. Since these markers are permanent, keep an eye on your kids while they are working.

step 2

Step 2: Cut

Cut out your ornament. Punch a hole in the top for hanging.

step 3

Step 3: Shrink

Place your cut out ornaments on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Follow the instructions that came with your shrink film to shrink ornaments in the oven.

kids art christmas ornaments from carissa bonhamStep 4: Hang

Thread a thin ribbon through the hole at the top for hanging.

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