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A Thanksgiving To Write Home About

‘Tis the season to give thanks, and for the crafty artisan as yourself, sometimes a verbal word of appreciation just won’t do. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to make your Thanksgiving feast one to remember — a party your guests will leave glowing, and not just from the smorgasbord of cuisine.

Follow along with us! Look at the collage above, start with the main image in the center and go clockwise:

Going ‘round the table naming your thanks is so last year’s tradition. This year, paper placemats are the perfect souvenir for guests to count off their blessings. It’s a fun, quick, interactive activity that will make your tabletop as unique as your guests. (via Oh My Deer)
Power it with Pentel! Our Water Colors add a festive touch to your placemats. Leave markers handy for guests to write with.

Pinecone name cards are a great way to make your guests feel welcome. Plus, they can even take theirs home as a decoration. (via FairyfolkWeddings on Etsy.com)
Power it with Pentel! Word on Twitter is that the Pentel Brush Pens are the tool of choice for any calligraphist looking to make an impression.

Looking for an even more rustic touch? Implement a few elements of nature by writing on leaves strewn around your neighborhood. Your neighbors may even thank you for cleaning up a bit. (via OnceWed)
Power it with Pentel! Try our Oil Pastels to write on the leaves, but be careful not to get leaves that are too crunchy, or they’ll crumble beneath your touch!

This one’s for the social savant who can’t seem to get off their smartphone. DesignSponge is posing an Instagram Challenge called “Thank You Notes for Thanksgiving.” Print and leave a few of these notes strewn around your party for guests to fill out and upload to their feeds. And just like that, your Thanksgiving bash has gone viral.
Personalize your party even more with handwritten thank you notes for guests to take home and read this holiday season. After all, the afterglow of a sumptuous turkey wears off after a few hours, but a handwritten word lasts forever. Templates and ideas at MoneyFunk.net!
This act is one that can be passed down for generations. Have a favorite recipe of mom’s? Write it down in a journal, and continue this tradition for years to come. There’s nothing like feeling at home, even if you can’t make it home, with mom’s home cooked feast. (Image via Historic Desserts)
No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember that Thanksgiving is all about spreading appreciation to and with the ones you love. Have a safe and festive holiday, and from all of us at Pentel, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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