4/17/2015 | Entertaining


5 Ways to Keep your Pen stash safe

We’ve all had that moment where we go to grab a pen from our stash and realize that every pen is missing. And aside from the pens becoming sentient, growing legs and walking away, the only explanation is some one took them. So, here are 5 sure-fire ways to protect your pen stash.


1. Grab a labeler and put your name and/or dissuasive messages on every pen. It’s about marking your territory.


2. Lock them away in a vault after each use until they are needed again.

So there's a bank vault in the basement of my mom's new apartment building..


3. Pull the ol’ switcheroo…put a blue ink cartridge inside a red pen, because people are scared of red pens.


4. Place a hidden surveillance camera next to your pen collection, so you can catch the Pentel addict in action.


5. Make sure you don’t let anyone that admits this near your stash:

I'm a certified badass

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