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2017 Pentel Holiday Gift Guide

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Crazy Aunt Gertrude wrapping up antique porcelain dollies with missing eyeballs (yikes). The holidays are upon us once again! With the holidays comes the dreaded chore of finding an appreciated and well-thought-out gift for your loved ones. Thankfully, Pentel offers gift ideas for every member of your family, even Aunt Gertrude.

May we humbly present, the 2017 Pentel Holiday Gift Guide:



Pen snobs…we all know one. Chances are, you are related to one. Fortunately, you can tickle their high-end fancy without breaking the bank. The Libretto matching pen and pencil set features a sleek metal barrel accented in elegant silver trim. These classic writing instruments are designed with quality and style in mind. A perfect gift for the relative who shows up to your gathering wearing ridiculously expensive loafers, hogs all the fois gras and excessively critiques the eggnog. It’s also ideal for the person who takes pride in his/her penmanship, still handwrites thank you cards and will never let you borrow his/her pen. 



Pentel Energel

A sure crowd pleaser, the EnerGel Pearl makes for a down right jolly writing experience. Fast-drying liquid gel ink leaves no smears, no smudges, and no globs. This is our best selling pen by far and once you use it, you’ll know why. These pens have a comfy latex-free grip and are Bing Crosby smooth when they write. You may want to stock up on these because every member of the family will want one.




Pentel Sign Pen

For the relative who hovers indecisively over the holiday buffet, torn between the sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows or pecans, we suggest the classic Pentel Sign PenThis multifunctional pen is the answer to the new age problem of whether your journaling should be artsy or solely functional. It can be both, friends. Tell your cousin to take a small helping of both sweet potato casseroles as you hand him/her the Sign Pen and effectively blow his/her mind.



Pentel Aquash


Your baby brother, the hipster, shows up every year donning Buddy Holly glasses, an eco-friendly, logo-free sweater and speaks in iambic pentameter for the fun of it. Chances are, he loves the arts and takes an online typography class just so he can leave cool-looking sticky notes to himself all over his flat.  The Aquash Water Brush can make his sticky note gallery the talk of the town.



Pentel Twist Erase III

Grandparents are arguably the most difficult people to buy for. They already have every knick-knack known to man and have very little need for anything else. Avoid the telltale “not another coffee mug” look of despair by gifting them the Twist Erase III pencil. It’s small, useful, and devoid of any expectations to put it on display, although they may do it anyway because it’s the most brilliant gift anyone has ever given them.


No matter how picky, quirky, or difficult to shop for your guests are this holiday season, we have a gift that is sure to please them. Visit our site to find more delightful stocking stuffer ideas and hit us up on our social media accounts if you need a little extra shopping assistance. One of our elves will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect Pentel present. Happy holidays!


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