Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
Month: January, 2016

1/25/2016 | Uncategorized


Pentel Handwriting Challenge #3: Pencils Down

The Details: Write anything on anything you want…only this time you can’t use traditional writing instruments. That means […]

1/17/2016 | Uncategorized


Pentel Handwriting Challenge #2: Write On!

The Details: Grab the most unusual object around the house. Pick up  any writing instrument and write anything […]

1/11/2016 | Promotional


Pentel Handwriting Challenge #1: The Fine Print

For the next three weeks, in honor of National Handwriting Day, we will be hosting The Pentel Handwriting […]

1/5/2016 | Promotional


The Pentel Handwriting Challenge

We are gearing up for National Handwriting Day, January 23rd! In celebration, this year we will be hosting a […]