Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
Month: May, 2015

5/20/2015 | DIY/Creative Ideas


Aunt Peaches Watercolor Glue Painting

Watercolors are the easiest way to generate beautiful, vivid, handmade artwork in no time. And while everyone loves […]

5/14/2015 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Entertaining


5 Accessories To Make Your Pens Uniquely You

1. Who says disco is dead? Party on with this diva worthy pen! Source 2. Woodland creatures will […]

5/7/2015 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Special Occasions


Mother’s Day Pen Flower Craft

In celebration of Mother’s Day and in case you need a last minute gift, here is a bouquet of […]

5/6/2015 | Entertaining


The 4 Types of Pen(tel) Addicts

Pentel addicts come in many different shapes, sizes, and personalities. In fact, it’s kinda like The Breakfast Club […]