Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
Month: August, 2013

8/28/2013 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Product Reviews


The Office Stylist: Libretto Pen & Pencil Set Review

For those of you whom aren’t obsessed with office supplies like the rest of us, you probably think […]

8/23/2013 | Education, Promotional


Feature Friday: 5 Steps Used To Create The Power Of Pentel Illustrations

We’re so inspired by the Graphic Motion Artist behind the Power of Pentel, Jackie Whisler we wanted to […]

8/9/2013 | Promotional


Feature Friday: The Artist Behind The Power Of Pentel

We sat down with the artist behind Power of Pentel , Jackie Whisler and learned how she gets […]

8/7/2013 | Education


The Office Stylist: Working On The Go? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Have!

“Working on the go is something that’s become a complete norm now with so many freelancers and telecommuters. […]

8/2/2013 | Education, Fan Art


Lizzie Harper: Botanical Illustration Step By Step – Painting A Sweet Pea

Original post was written by Lizzie Harper of Natural History Illustration. “I’m currently working on a series of […]