Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
Month: September, 2011

9/28/2011 | Product Reviews


Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday – Review Of The Pentel Energel-X

This review was written by Katherine Bartlett, blog owner of Our Whiskey Lullaby. We sent her a pack of our EnerGel-X pens to review. Speaking of EnerGel-X… have you entered our sweepstakes? You could win a car! In our house, it’s very hard to find a good pen. Or even just a pen for that […]

9/26/2011 | Product Reviews


Motivation Monday – Pen-Fessional Review Of The Pentel Brush Pen

This review was written by Gabriel R., a Pentel PEN-fessional. Gabriel received no monetary compensation for this review. The Pentel Pocket Brush Pen is one of my favorite drawing tools ever. That honor is now in jeopardy. Recently the fine folks of Pentel sent me a few samples of their Brush Pens. I received a […]

9/14/2011 | Education


Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday – How Much Art Is Enough?

Fitness: Thirty minutes a day. That’s how much time – minimum – the Mayo Clinic says we should spend walking, running or doing other aerobic exercise in order to live longer. But what about art? Is art a necessity, especially for children in school? And if it is, how much, and how long? Thirty minutes […]

9/12/2011 | Education


Motivation Monday – Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Like most of us, you probably have too much stuff! In fact, if you look around I bet you could easily find ten things right off the bat that you could get rid of. If you did that everyday think of how uncluttered your life would be. Tomorrow is “Clean Out Your Junk Drawer Day”. […]

9/2/2011 | Education, Special Occasions


Finish Line Friday – Celebrate Labor Day And Get Ready To Go Back To School

Now that Labor Day is almost here and a lot of schools start back on Tuesday we just wanted to remind you about having the right tools when you go back to school. I’m glad that schools today still require lead pencils (and therefore erasers). Some elementary school classrooms are going digital – not for […]