Pentel – Where to Buy

Pentel – Where to Buy
Year: 2010

12/16/2010 | Promotional


The Power Of Handwriting: Heroes Worth Writing For

No doubt you’ve heard about Pentel’s National Handwriting Day promotion, “Heroes Worth Writing For” where we have asked […]

12/1/2010 | Promotional


National Handwriting Day: Heroes Worth Writing For

Pentel is proud to introduce our 2011 National Handwriting Day promotion: Heroes Worth Writing For. January 23, 2011 […]

10/6/2010 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Special Occasions


Crafts And Arts This Month: Pentel Arts Makes It Fun

We’re right in the middle of American Craft Week (Oct. 1-10). Have you made any fun crafts lately? […]

8/18/2010 | Product Reviews


Back To School With The Right Tools

Some might call me old-fashioned. I still like to read a paper newspaper! I like the feel of […]

6/7/2010 | DIY/Creative Ideas, Special Occasions


Five Memorable, Hand-Made Gifts To Create For Father’s Day

Nothing says “I love you Dad” like a homemade gift. Dads, Grandpas, Uncles…everyone is proud to show off […]